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 How to use and automate torrents from RSS feeds using uTorrent

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PostSubject: How to use and automate torrents from RSS feeds using uTorrent   Sun May 31, 2009 7:00 am

This is a relatively simple process, but I find it very useful when I want to download podcasts, torrents from other users, batch a download from a separate computer, etc(have fun with it, see what you come up with).

1. Start Utorrent

2. Click on the RSS feed button(orange)

3. Enter the XML feed code that you wish to download
-Click to automatically download if you want to, or use it to just keep track of what torrents or other downloads are being posted within that freed(you can always change these settings at a later time.

4. Set interval update time.
-Now in the version i'm using (1.8 beta) the interval is set to update every 15 minutes. If you wish to shorten or lengthen it based on your needs

Options > Preferences > Advanced > rss.update_interval
(the time is in the amount of minutes that it will take between the rss updates)

-Play around with it. See what you'd like to do with it. As many use a reader to check recent torrents in their browsers, you may want to have it a little bit closer to home, and bring it directly within your client.

Note : For those who wish to set up a que on a seperate computer in your own customization of torrents. Use the software below to create your list.

Mirabyte Feed Writer Freeware

And upload it to a FTP server of your choice. Mediafire, and rapidshit arn't really good choices considering their wait lines. I recommend using dropbox. If you need an invite email me at darkchaos76@hotmail.com (with dropbox invite in title), pm me here, or at torrent finder forums(my screen name is the same)

Another useful linky...


Which contains various RSS feeds for mininova cat. torrent feeds and user feeds.

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How to use and automate torrents from RSS feeds using uTorrent
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