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 Forum Rules, Please Read!

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Forum Rules, Please Read! Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules, Please Read!   Forum Rules, Please Read! Icon_minitimeSun May 24, 2009 10:06 am

Please follow these rules, along with the ones that you have read as you registered here.


1 - No Spamming

2 - No Advertising Sales Sites

3 - No Flaming

4 - No Hit and Runs - [1 Post then bail]

5 - No Blatant Nudity - [Must be mostly censored]

6 - No Child Model Photos or Links

7 - Place threads and posts in proper categories

8 - No links to illegal material - [See Note Below]

Okay, so I did smoe research on the issues of posting links to torrents on the forums by my free forums hostby looking at their FAQ's, and this is a quote from it, so please, please respect this following rule, as I do not want any kind of trouble, when my new domain name comes in and I trnasfer to vBulletin, the I will allow this, but in the mean time the following rule is very important.

Quote :
- Do I have rights to put music/movies on my forum?

You do not have the rights except if this music is free of rights. The majority of famous music: Film OST, singers... are not free, that means that to use them in its entire legality you must pay the author or at least to ask him for permission.

CAUTION: If you put a copyrighted music/movies you will be the only responsible in front of the law. The author can sue you.

- Do I have right to put an image or a text on my forum?

When you wish to put on your forum an image or a text you haven't created yourself, you :
- ask the author for permission.
- if it gives it to you, quote your sources, for example by putting a link to the site or forum where it comes from.

Quote :

- What can I do if I see an illegal forum?
If you see a forum which seems to contain illegal elements (illegal downloads, racism, pornography...), send a private message to a moderator while giving him:
- the address of the forum in question.
- the link to the illegal topics.

The moderator will transmit to the EditBoard admins.

You must know that the illegal forum will not necessary be removed immediately.

"QUOTE BYDhalsim: Administrator on the French forum wrote:"
Many forums who don't respect the rules are preserved to be able to provide to the legal authorities the list founders, administrators, moderators and participants as well as an access to all the posted messages, the backups and the logs of connections. From this moment it is not difficult to find the name and the address of each member. The procedures can take several months, but you don't be surprised if you are convened or requisitioned if you created or if you took part in an illegal forum.

EDIT: I am currently talking to the host sites admin to see if we can host torrent links with a waiver for this site, explain more later.../
Enjoy this site guys Smile

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Forum Rules, Please Read!
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